Jenna!!!!! They are amazing!!! I love them all! Especially the ones of Seely’s blue eyes! ~Desi

I love working with babes for toddler photography because you never know what will come out with their personality! It is so much fun seeing them come alive and letting them explore the world around them and seeing what happens. Seely turned one and his momma didn’t want to do a traditional cake smash, so we worked around it! Water, sprinkles, and his large backyard let us have so much fun. I shoot them every year and I love this family. Desi is my cousin and her family is so adorable.

We started outside with an Ohio State Buckeyes theme and sports balls. Seely loved playing with them! Then for the next step in his toddler photography session, we switched it up to a cute hat and little outfit, which matched his brother’s outfit as well. We shot a photo of him with his newborn photo I took, which his mom absolutely loves. Then we moved on to hanging a sheet off of the tree so we could do a faux studio shoot with the sprinkles.

Although earlier in the week cake made him sick, the sprinkles did not and Seely loved them! This toddler photography session was so much fun. You can see the large smile and glimmer in his eye which proved just how much he loved those shots and sprinkles. His older sister also loved the sprinkles once we were done – she ate them right up after I put them in a cup!

We saved the “best for the last” in this toddler photography session by switching it up to a family session with his siblings and parents. Everyone got dressed nicely and we took some neat shots near the old fence in their yard. Then we ended with the shots of everyone in the tree – something we did the year before too. This family is so much fun, can’t wait for the next session!


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