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Welcome to the world of newborn, baby & family photography! I am Jenna Schwartz. I own a boutique home studio in Henderson, Nevada, but I also travel around the US taking photos of newborns.

I specialize in newborn photography, as well as babies and toddlers, because the tiny human forms we call our children require special attention and care, so I spend my time devoted to providing custom and unique portraiture that is safe and a wonderful experience for you and your child.



My home studio is located in the Anthem Community in Henderson. This is not just a living space– it is a full studio, complete with backdrops, lights, flooring, props, and accessories for newborns, babies and toddlers. I shoot everything from newborn portraits, to cake smashes, to family portraits in my studio. I have also done commercial work, everything from food to clothing, jewelry, and more.

I have a four light strobe rig I use for traditional portraits. I have several background options to choose from for colors, as well as blankets (for waist-up shots only) and flooring options. I use a baseboard with the backdrops and flooring to allow for seamless integration in your portraits. This creates a beautiful, classic look in your portraits.

Newborns and toddlers have a full range of props and accessories. Hats, hairbands, tiebacks, pants, and outfits are available for newborns. Toddlers can wear jewelry and hairbands. I also have crates, baskets, and other props for newborns, babies and toddlers to sit and lay in and on during their shoots, allowing me to create all sorts of scenarios for your portraits.


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Most sessions I prefer to set up lighting, but with newborns, I use a large spacious window for natural lighting. This creates the most comfortable environment for your baby. Combined with a heating pad, soft props and white noise, newborns can easily fall asleep in safe posing positions and props. Each cloth or knitted prop the baby wears or lays on is washed with hypoallergenic soap after use.

Traditional newborn sessions are 3 hours long, to ensure enough time to pose your baby safely and comfortably, while keeping them asleep. Don’t be surprised if your newborn takes ten minutes or longer to get comfortable for just one shot. You may also have to feed or change your newborn several times before they get comfortable. This is why, before each session, we ask Mom and Dad to make sure that baby is fast asleep and well fed before the session begins.

Cake Smash

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If you’re bringing in your one year old for a cake smash, there are a few things to keep in mind. When you book, we’ll work on coming up with a “theme” for your shoot, so I have a background color and balloons to match both your toddler, and the cake. I suggest contacting a local baker to create a beautiful, single color custom cake for you, with bright colors that are easy to see. This optimizes the smash look and feel of the session. If you are unsure what kind or size of cake to get, just let me know and I will point you to a great vendor.

Dress your toddler in something nice for portraits before the cake, but don’t forget to bring a diaper cover (or cloth diaper) so they don’t stain their clothes with icing. You can also bring an outfit just for this session that you don’t mind ruining. I have a bathroom space for my clients, which gives you a nice, big space to clean off your toddler after the shoot.


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Toddler sessions are one of the hardest to perform, and as a parent, you know more than anyone why! Toddlers like to explore their surroundings and are always on the move. That’s why it’s important to keep them busy and focused! I have small toys and props I use to catch their attention, using your help to catch shots of them with and without something in their hands. I have them sit in and on things, and change out backdrops to match their outfits. I also allow you to change them into different outfits, so you can get more than one look during the session. This gives you more variety to choose from. Toddlers have fun too, especially when they are asked to pose like their favorite television character, princess or superhero. You can be a part of the fun, too! If your toddler has a favorite dress up outfit, bring it along and shoot some photos with it on as well. Letting them have fun in the session allows for a great photo environment.



What is required to book a session? To set a date in place and ensure a session, you are required to put down a $50 deposit on a session. This is a non-refundable deposit that keeps your date and time booked for you. You can transfer this deposit to another date or session if needed.

How long is a session? Most sessions are one hour long, in studio. Newborns are 3 hours, unless you are buying a special session (like our Little Sessions). On location, I shoot up to two hours.

What do I need to bring? For newborns, the baby! Not a whole lot more is needed. If you have a knitted hat, a cute hairband, or a special blanket, you can bring those along and I will work to incorporate them into the session. Sometimes moms bring a special hand quilted blanket or a beautiful knitted hat to the sessions. For babies, a couple of cute outfits and a diaper cover are usually enough. Some parents also have things like cute little hats, bows, and ties for their babies. For toddlers, a couple of outfits, hairbands, ties, and cute shoes are enough. If you have anything you’d like to use in a photo other than clothes or accessories, let me know and I will work with you to create a theme around it.

What does a session come with? Your session fee covers my session research, the session itself, and the processing after the session. All photos get processed, and you get digital proofs of all of your session photos. This allows you a chance to order prints of any photo you like, in any number you want. No limits!

How long does everything take? Session times are mentioned above. It takes me 1-3 days to get a preview together for you. After that, your entire session takes 1-2 weeks to complete. Once you place a print order, it takes 1-2 days for it to process, and 3-5 days for delivery.

What if I lose my photos? What if I get a session in the summer and want to use the photos for a holiday card? No problem! Unlike most large corporation photographers, I keep your photos forever. If you lose your proofs, just send me an email or message my Facebook fan page, and I will send them back out to you. I keep most proofs in your gallery online for several months before removing them, as well. If you want to use a photo from your session later on for a card, I can work with you to design you a custom card.

I don’t want to order prints. Can I get copies of everything? Sure! If you decide after the session that the catalog just isn’t appealing to you, order a keepsake disc of your photos. You can choose from a custom DVD cover, or a USB drive imprinted with one of your session photos.


Got any other questions?

You can message me on my Facebook fan page (Photo Studio Vegas), or send me an email at: Feel free to also give me a ring! 702-468-9664. I look forward to your session!


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