Photo Studio Vegas – Capturing Hope Session

In May I signed up to be a part of Capturing Hope, an organization that gives photo sessions to families who are suffering from leukdystrophy. This disease is a terminal brain disease that affects children and will kill them before they are teenagers – the longest living patient was 12 years old. It’s very tough on both the child and the families, as they watch their loved ones get progressively worse while being drowned in time intensive doctor and specialist visits, and being drowned in medical bills.

One thing that many families don’t consider since they are working so hard for their child is photographs. Getting a session with your little one and your entire family is very important to capture, and Capturing Hope focuses on getting those little details all handled for the families, even the financial side, so that they don’t have to worry about when they will be able to afford it. These families are suffering financially in ways that many of us would never understand.

I was humbled and proud to be picked for a family, and it was an absolute joy to work with Hailey and her parents. Her momma has a wonderful blog, and you can read all about it here – Hugs for Hailey. She also has a Facebook page, for those who prefer to keep up with social media newsfeeds!

Despite having some bad days, Hailey was really excited for her session. She even had her hair done before the session, and it was something she really enjoyed. I brought along a basket and a knitted hat, and it was really absolutely fun to dress Hailey up as a hot air balloon captain and watch her drift up up and away! I picked balloons that were her favorite color.


One thing that you can see in Hailey’s photo session with her mom and dad is just how happy they are to be with her, and how much she loves them. Hailey was delighted to be out in the fresh air, but she never wanted to stray too far from mom and dad. When she climbed on the rocks down to the water, or ran around in the grass, she wanted to make sure that mom and dad were nearby. They helped her get ready for her photos with her walker, showing her how to stand, and mom Jessica helped her change shirts into different outfits, including a cute shirt with her name on it.

But one thing I think stood out the most, was her love for her dad. Hailey’s dad Josh plopped down next to her and Hailey gave Josh a big hug, and then immediately she planted a wet kiss right on his forehead. It was the most darling sight! To date, my most precious father-daughter shot I have had the pleasure of taking.


I have had many people ask, so before I share the rest of the session…. Yes, the sky was real. In photographer lingo, these images are only lightly retouched to adjust the white balance and exposure, bringing up the shadows a bit. The evening was just perfect for their session.

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Photo Studio Vegas – Capturing Hope Session