Location, location, location!

The number one question I get from clients is, “What are good locations to take our photos at?” And the answer isn’t super simple. Vegas and it’s valley has a lot of different looks and locations, so it’s easy to get almost any kind of shot you are looking for. What I’m going to show you are the locations I have worked at with clients. If you hear of a location or see one you would like to try out, let me know and we will add it to the list and do your shoot there! I want the session to be convenient for you. There is no travel fee for sessions at any of these listed locations!


There are a lot of local parks all around the valley with the same general look. These parks often are grassy with a slight mix of desert, and they all look very similar to each other. It’s a great starting point for mini sessions, small family sessions, or a general outside session with the kids, if you want something classic but don’t want to drive too far. Many people have a park within a few blocks of their home, making it easy to transport kids and not have to worry about driving across town. I live in Southern Henderson but I drive as far as North Las Vegas sometimes to do sessions in parks.

Explorations Park

photo studio vegas

Explorations Park, in Henderson. A nice mix of desert and greenery, almost urban feel.


Explorations park in Henderson. Another angle of the park, with a lot of green grass.

Skate Parks


Skate park in North Las Vegas. Have a skater kid? The skate park is a great place for an urban skater kid setting and most families have one within a few miles of their home.

photo studio vegas

The areas right outside of skate parks are often local parks where you can get more than the “concrete” scenery from the park itself.

Wetlands Park

Wetlands Park is location in western Henderson, near the Sam Boyd Stadium. A paradise in Vegas, this park features lots of greenery, a creek, and a pond, and offers several kinds of landscapes. There are areas full of burnt trees for a more dramatic look, as well as green grassy areas for a very natural feel. This park is the perfect setting for nearly any kind of session.

wetlands park

The sun peeks through the trees in the evening throughout the park, giving that luscious golden light that many clients ask for.

wetlands park

Even with the mountains all around the valley, partial silhouettes can be completed when the sun is setting in the sky. A lot of clients ask for shots like these!

The Arts District

The Arts District is located near downtown Vegas, off of the 15 and Charleston Blvd. It’s a unique area that is constantly changing, with new graffiti showing up all the time. The major focal point of art is located in a highly trafficked and public place, so it’s safe and great for photos! There are lots of other little fun spots with unique art as well. Perfect for colorful, urban portraits.

photo studio vegas
photo studio vegas

Red Rock Canyon

Red Rock (and Valley of Fire if the drive suits you) is an amazing location full of beautiful red rocks. Nestled within a minute of walking distance from most stops are cute little places to take photos. There’s a truly red look in the state park, as well as a few more desert like looks. You can go here and get two different looks if you please!


Bright, beautiful red rocks right at sunset.


A more desert look to red rock, with a darker feel to the colors.

Calico Basin

Calico Basin is fee based. On top of my current session fee, shooting at Calico Basin also requires a $400 permit. The location is gorgeous and very green – almost forest like – resulting in high demand and high permit fees. If you can afford it, it’s a wonderful location for family, maternity and more.


Calico Basin is known for it’s greenery and tall grass, but it also has some spots of desert, which make for gorgeous portraits.


The greenery and the red rocks make for a wonderful backdrop and foreground setting.

photo studio vegas

There’s a gorgeous walkway at Calico Basin which makes for the perfect spot to sit and take any kind of photo!

photo studio vegas

Even if the kids aren’t super cooperative, you’ll love how everyone looks in the gorgeous red and green setting.

Corn Creek

Nestled up across from Mt Charleston, this little gem is a woodsman’s delight. You get the waterfront, greenery and beautiful scenery of a Midwest woodsy scene without having to fly to the Midwest! It’s a few miles up the road past the Mt Charleston exits on the right side. There is a $150 permit fee for Corn Creek that is in addition to my session fees.

photo studio vegas

At sunset, Corn Creek makes for gorgeous sunflares, amazing yellow light and a light, soft look to your portraits. It’s almost fairy tale like.

photo studio vegas

Dirt paths and green trees make Corn Creek a great place if you want that lush look.

Spring Mountain / Bonnie Springs

On the way to Bonnie Springs out near Red Rock, you come across Spring Mountain. It’s the complete desert package – a little bit of red rock, but a lot of dirt, cactus, and the all around Nevada desert look. Perfect for those who like the appeal of our natural landscaping.

photo studio vegas

Sunsets are gorgeous out at Spring Mountain, and the little bits of red in the rock are a nice dash of color amongst the green desert plants and brown desert dirt.

photo studio vegas

A beautiful, natural desert look. Splashes of green amongst grey rocks in the background and red and brown dirt.

Nelsens Landing

Nelsens Landing is tucked away about an hour outside of town, close to the Colorado River. It’s a small little “ghost mining town” run by a small family and has been used on movie sets before. There are lots of barns, props, and other items out there that make it a great portrait setting. A warning to those with small children – this area is often infested with rattlesnakes, and the cactus are not fun to pry off of you if you bump into one. I always caution parents that if you bring children too young or unable to strictly follow the “stay where I put you” rules, you will need to keep a very close eye on them. These sessions are fun, but you want to be safe. It’s better to choose another location than to risk a snake bite!

photo studio vegas

Nelsens Landing has a lot of old vehicles on the property, which make for great mini setups for portraits.

photo studio vegas

Great place to get multiple looks of your kids! There’s inside and outside at Nelsens with the different barns and doorways as well as being completely outside. You can get cute uniform shots of your kids that have them looking similar without being that same, boring posed portrait.

Floyd Lamb Park at Tulle Springs

Located on the North side of town, this large park is a favorite among many in Vegas. Lake views allow you a gorgeous waterfront for your photographs, and the sunsets are almost always amazing. There is both greenery and desert, so you can get both looks if you desire. It’s well worth the drive, as it is about an hour away from Henderson and 30-40 minutes from the Strip. There is a $6 car fee, and they close around sunset, though you are always welcome to stay a little long afterwards. The ranger comes by after dark to let everyone know it’s time to go home.

Waterfront views really add to an image, as seen here. This is not a view many are used to in Vegas, being a desert, so the park is a bit of an oasis from the typical locations you see chosen for portraits.

Because of the three large lakes and ponds at Floyd Lamb, an abundance of greenery can be found, a very sought after look for portraits. This gives a look reminiscent of the Midwest and East Coast.


The valley has many places to explore. It’s fun to drive around and look for places to go, check out local parks, and get to know the area you live in. If you’re checking out my portfolio or blog posts looking at where I have shot, please keep in mind I do travel to Ohio a lot for portraits – and many lush green and woodsy areas are located there. Blog posts always list locations. And you can always inquire about a location if you aren’t sure! I’m also open to shooting anywhere in the Valley or within a 15-20 minute drive outside of town. Not sure if your location is within my travel limits? Just ask! I often travel outside my limits for the right location for your portraits.

Keep checking back, as I update the list often with new locations!