/dies of adorableness. Seriously Jenna this is why you’re my photog. Look at those boys. ~Paula

Paula is a close friend of mine who I went to high school with. Although she lives nearly 2,700 miles away from me, she is willing to wait until I come to her area for my Ohio shoots so she can use me. I always try to work around her schedule and do a shoot with her family because she is so generous and loves every shoot we do. Paula always books me for family photography, but also has booked me for maternity and baby photography, too.

I’ve loved testing out new areas with Paula for her family photography, but this one took the cake. With beautiful purple wildflowers everywhere, Paula’s favorite color, it gave something for the boys to bunch up and hold in these seriously cute shots. The sun was just coming down over the rolling Ohio hills, and it was starting to get that beautiful, golden dusk light from the evening. Gavin, also known as “McFats”, is the adorable chunky squishy little one in the bow tie. He is the baby and the most spoiled of all the children. These boys are so lucky to have Paula as their momma, and Jack as their father!

Sporting a pretty rad beard, I must say, Jack has been the most wonderful playful father the boys could ask for. He’s always doing activities with them and helping them build forts and play video games. This family photography session was definitely a wonderful, fun session to do with this family, and I can’t wait to see Paula in the fall again to do a bridal portrait session for her and Jack!

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