Thank you so much for the preview! We can’t wait to see the rest!  ~Amie

Amie and Shawn won a contest with a local photographer for a free engagement session who was unable to book on a date that suited them, so I took over the deal. It was very nice to get to work with them, and Amie was a total dear! They are a cute, quirky couple and it came out in these engagement photography photos.

We decided on Red Rock for a session, as it was one of the first places they went to as a couple. Red Rock is a gorgeous state park area outside of Las Vegas that you can drive through, and there are stops for sight seeing, hiking, picnicking, and horseback riding. When deciding on a trip to Las Vegas or a location for super memorable family, maternity or engagement photography, consider Red Rocks!

We started at the first pull off and worked our way around. Even with no outfit changes the couple still rocked the whole session. It is hard not to share every single photo from the engagement photography session! Every time Shawn touched Amie you could see the tenderness that showed off his love for her. Shawn has a total googly eye look that goes straight towards Amie every time they are near each other. Every smile she gives, even when she isn’t looking at him or talking to him, you can see his face light up at the thought of hers smiling. Near the end of our session the sun started to set, and it led for some amazing sunset photos. I cannot wait to shoot Amie’s bridal portraits.

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