Life is good. Thanks Jenna 🙂 ~Allie

Allie and I went to high school together and were in band together, and shared many mutual friends, one being our best friend Kaity. However, we don’t have a lot in personal common and I was totally flattered that Allie asked me to do her engagement photography portraits! The plan was, originally, to see if we could get into an abandoned mall and take some photos, but the place was completely locked up to keep squatters out, so we had to compromise. The location was unique and urban, and allowed for some photos that captured the essence that is the “Allie+Johnny” couple. I really enjoyed shooting them outside the mall. When the time came to change out, we went to a local park area, which gave a more intimate, green feel to the photos without taking away from their quirky selves. The whole shoot was quite amazing to do.

Allie and John live with several cats and a roommate and enjoy video games and music. They both sport pretty awesome Mohawks, Allie’s of which is now a red shade. I am really excited to finally show this couple’s engagement photography off on the blog! If you are too are a quirky couple, either in the east-central Ohio or southern Nevada areas, contact me today to book a session. Spots for Ohio are filling up fast!

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