So excited!!! Love love love them!!!!! ~Michelle

Tanner’s momma called me up looking for a photographer to do all of her memories with on a regular basis, as her other photographers had all moved away from the city. She wanted to do a baby photography session with Tanner when he was 6 months old. I happily agreed, and here he is!

Tanner had some very adorable outfits he brought along with him to the baby photography session, including some bow ties, stripes and chevron. He was cute in everything he put on, including my king’s crown. Tanner’s favorite part was when I hung up the bright, colorful dots – he could not stop staring at them! The studio is well equipped for babies, and I love to shoot them in studio. It’s the perfect climate for those who are too little to move around too much and spend a lot of time laying and sitting down.

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